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Walmart has announced Open Call 2020 with applications open as of March 26, 2020

If you are a supplier of new, shelf-ready, U.S. made goods and are looking to sell your products with Walmart, consider joining an upcoming Pre-Open Call webinar.

  • Walmart's Pre-Open Call webinars will help potential applicants begin to understand:

    • What Open Call is and why Walmart hosts it

    • Walmart's minimum requirements for suppliers

    • Preparing to pitch your product

    • How to do business with Walmart

  • Attending this webinar will not guarantee a successful Open Call application, but it will help businesses be better prepared in the event they apply and are invited to attend.

  • Register to join a Pre-Open Call Webinar

  • Learn more at the Walmart "JUMP" portal or view the Open Call 2020 Sheet


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