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Armored Lawn Care

During 2014, Steven & Teirra Fulkerson experienced a dramatic turning point in their lives. While Teirra was pregnant with their first child, Steven experienced a sudden health crisis, nearly lost his life, and in result lost his full time job as well. Following healing received, the birth of their child, and Steven’s continued physical strengthening, spring 2015 brought a new chapter. One day, as Steven was cutting his parents’ lawn, he began to pray on what kind of work would be fitting for a man given a second chance at life. An answer arrived to him to start a ministry hearted lawn care service to help make a difference in the lives of others with debilitating health circumstances. Inspired by the “Armor of God” mentioned in Ephesians 6, “Armored Lawn Care” was the name envisioned.

Humbly starting with his 200k mile SUV and donated basic lawn tools, he bought himself a new twenty-two-inch push mower. Steven set out on this journey to bring this vision to life; walking this mission out in faith to make an impactful difference in the lives of others in his community. At first, he accepted only donations for his work; however, as things quickly evolved he recognized that approach was not the best model and instead introduced a more strategic market rate approach while still extending free/discounted lawn care to those in serious need. As time went on and their customer base continued to grow rapidly so did the need for more equipment and man-power.

By the 2017 lawn care season, more suitable equipment and additional man power had been acquired. Including a diesel pick-up truck, utility trailer, new John Deere riding mower, and a new commercial grade John Deere zero-turn mower. Steven found himself working 70+ hour weeks to keep up with commercial, municipal, and residential accounts alike. Seeking guidance through seasonal cash flow issues and to grow working capital, the Fulkersons came upon Amy Lambert with Illinois SBDC at the Starved Rock Country Alliance.

Since that meeting, they have addressed and worked through their industry’s needs, recommended attorneys and accountants to further business structure, and casted visions for the future of Armored Lawn Care. The Fulkersons testify, “We were glad to have found free, quality business counseling. And we were encouraged by Amy’s character.” They continue on to say, “To have the SBDC come alongside us with sincerity, wisdom, a broader view, and a collaborated wealth of knowledge has made a huge difference!” With this, Armored Enterprises LLC was born at the turn of 2020 to continue the expansion of Armored Lawn Care and make room for the future visions of the Fulkersons, both in the near and far future.

The Fulkersons continue to lead by their mission. Although they no longer offer free lawn care, the family gives back to the community having become business sponsors of a local prayer center, local biblical christian counseling service, and a local refuge for mothers and pregnancy resource center. Throughout this business journey they have expanded to a family of 6. Which has taught them that success in entrepreneurship starts in the home with the love of your family. Do not let the entrepreneurial drive separate you from your family. They continue to see prayer as a strategy for product development and business concepts. With the 2021 season, the couple’s plans continue to grow and share the mission and community impact of Armored Enterprises, LLC.


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