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Dr. H. Tak Cheung launches Wok with Tak

Ten years ago, Dr. H. Tak Cheung retired from thirty years teaching and conducting research at Illinois State University. For many years, his research had led him to the realization that over consumption of fast and processed food has led to tissue inflammation resulting in many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, as well as other chronic ailments.

He decided to take action. He created a cooking system that is known as the FAST cooking system. With the stir-fry cooking technique, families can make delicious meals in thirty minutes or less, using fresh ingredients with minimum reliance on processed food.

At first, he taught some cooking classes on the FAST cooking system at the Garlic Press boutique store in Normal, Illinois. Yet, he wanted to be able to offer regular cooking classes. A friend referred him to the Illinois Small Business Development Center at the Starved Rock Country Alliance located in the Streator Incubator. Starting in Fall 2019, Amy Lambert helped him structure his business so that many people could learn his FAST cooking system. She even found him a teaching kitchen at the incubator.

When the pandemic forced the closing of his hands-on classes, Tak started creating cooking videos on his YouTube channel, Wok with Tak. Over a six month period, Tak has gained over seven thousand subscribers. Now an internet influencer, he continues to work with Lambert to provide people all over the world to purchase cooking utensils and seasoning through e-commerce.

Cheung makes this promise to his followers. “If you cook for yourself most of the time, you will eat healthily. You’ll gradually recognize what is good for you.”


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