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Revelation VR Brings New Worlds to Explore in Peru, IL

Want to explore space, play fetch with a lovable imaginary creature, dodge bullets, or find a new way to practice your boxing skills? Revelation VR, the newest business in Peru, Illinois, can take you there and beyond!

Revelation VR is a virtual reality gaming center that offers a vast array of experiences for all ages. Virtual reality players use headsets to immerse themselves in 3D digitally-generated 360°environments. Hand controls enable players to interact with digital objects and controls within. Experiences run the gamut of exploring worlds, physical challenges like boxing or dance games, or just feeding and playing fetch with some of the cutest creatures you’ve ever imagined.

It’s fun. It’s active. And with new games and experiences being created every day, it’s on a high-growth path! As of 2016 the gaming industry was worth around $3.6 billion. By the end of 2017 it had grown to $8.6 billion. By 2023, that number is expected to grow to $32.8 billion.

The two found VR while exploring entertainment attractions in other cities. Christopher Brown and Megan Kimmal-Stephens knew from the first moment they experienced VR that they had found exactly the right venture for their partnership to bring to the Starved Rock Region. Each had held a dream of someday owning their own business and this, together, was going to be it. “We wanted something unique within a growing industry that was also going to be a lot of fun” said Megan.

Players pay according to how many minutes they play, with longer playtimes costing less, and party packages are also available. Revelation VR currently houses four player stations, but expects to expand as interest grows. Players can pre-book their play time on Facebook or come directly in to their location at 2127 4th Street in Peru IL.

Studies show 70%-90% of Virtual Reality arcade customers are first time users. So, Megan and Chris spend a lot of time educating. New players don’t usually know which game they should choose, so they listen to what kind of experience their player is interested in and give them recommendations. They also use their social media pages to share gameplay videos of the most popular games.

Chris and Megan are very focused on being a part of the business community. The two worked with the SBDC to better understand their startup process. “Our experience with the SBDC was a rewarding and positive one. In our experience with Amy Lambert, we learned many tools for success that we plan to use for years to come.”

One of the biggest values Chris and Megan hold is that of giving back. In addition to their deep faith, the two see Revelation VR as the vehicle to give back to the Illinois Valley community and also as a way to move it forward. “We know that VR is going in a million different directions right now. Applications are even being developed for job training and education delivery,” shared Chris. “We want to be a part of bringing those experiences to Starved Rock Country.”


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